The Untold Secrets About Dogs And Their Behaviors

The Untold Secrets About Dogs And Their Behaviors

Happy dog and behavior

“When I first set my eyes on this dog, I was filled with the expression of excitement with the readiness to care for it as part of the family. But what it has turned into lately makes me wish I never brought it home the first day.” Linda, California.

An Overview Of Dogs

Dogs and cats by nature are designed to dwell with humans among all beasts of their kind. However, our focus here in this work shall be on the dog. Dogs and humans are believed to be the best of friends with the only limitation that they cannot talk and share their viewpoints.

However, dogs have many unique ways of conveying their feelings that we tend to understand if we connect with them.
Moreover, dogs, as designed, are very protective animals with more spiritual foresight than physical. Dogs can see things humans never can see in their entire lifetime.

Dogs like the cat have the ability to see evils spirits, ghosts, the evil in people. Which this ability results in them hating certain people who visit you and they can as well see good spirits in people around you.

For instance, your dog barking at night outside the house is most times based on what it has seen, whether a thief or an evil spirit. It is their nature to bark at any suspicious sight, but not when their barking becomes disturbing.

Some cultures even believe that if one takes the mucus in a dog’s eyes first thing in the morning and smear it in their eye would see all that the dog saw in the previous night.

Have you thought about why dogs sniff people they come across the first time? They do so, because of their exceptional ability to smell both evil and good in a person. When they detect a good spirit, they automatically like the person and wag their tails around him. However, if otherwise, they’ll begin to bark and show aggression toward that person.

There are other characters of dogs that tend to affect their behavior negatively toward humans. These behaviors trigger because of their high intelligence of both the spiritual and physical world, which they know we lack compared to them. Which in this case, they then would desire dominion or control over humans. Because of the divine qualities, they are endowed, which causes them to forget their place as subjects to humans who fend for their needs.

In most instances, the reason for their ‘change of behavior is because of the divine power they think they possess.’
These behaviors lead to pride, which almost every dog exhibit against their owner’s command to do as they desire.

On the other side of the coin, humans also contribute significantly to the shift of the dogs’ behavior through their actions toward them.

Moreover, these aspects shall be intensely addressed here: the change in dogs’ behavior, reasons for the change, and how to bring them to subjection.

You likely have a cute Brown furry Sheepdog, husky breed, husky puppy or even a Bearded Collie as a pet. Your pet, in most cases, maybe the closest to your heart and you are very particular about its behavior.

However, when we talk about a dog’s behavior, you would have seen that there’s an uncertainty of their character. At one moment, the dogs are jolly and wagging their tails happily. And the next moment, before you even realize, they are barking at someone or doing something you disapprove.

It’s also possible that you might have seen this happening frequently, and even regularly. A vet will have helped you in the best ways he can if you have ever visited him.

What’s the reason behind this suddenness of their behavior?

Let’s look into the symptoms appropriately.



dog training and behavior

It’s essential to know all the reasons for your dog’s sudden change in behavior and the noticeable symptoms of unruly conduct. There are many reasons for the behavior shift in dogs, which we shall be considering with sharp detail of all the factors. And with these factors, there will be a strong possibility that you will be able to bring your dog down to his usual.


Dog Peeing On Your Bed Or Furniture

This one of the things you’ll notice about your dog when it has shifted from its original sound behavior to becoming a naughty pet. When your dog begins to pee on the bed, it’s pushy to put its odor over yours. In this case, it sees the bed or furniture as it’s and domain to not to share with anyone else these places.

And this behavior is nothing but a mockery to you, its owner, and complete disobedience to do as it wants without restriction.


Dog Seeking Sex With Human

One other thing that is likely to emerge in their behavior is that they begin to solicit sex from their female owners, or female visitors to the house and even outdoors. This reaction happens mostly with male dogs without any female counterparts in the same house with him.

Hence, because of sex depravity, their behavior can drastically change that they want to attempt to satisfy that need with their female owners regardless of their size.

If this approach for sexual intimacy with a human female is turned down, then they’ll never respect the female, but daily bent to satisfy that sexual urge. And this can lead to our next symptom of a change in behavior.


Dogs Showing Deep Aggression

Dog's behavior and aggression

Because of the sexual denial of the male dog, it now will become real aggression toward its mistress and not so to its master. In this case, it will aggressively seek to have sexual intimacy with the female forcefully. And that will lead to it sexually jumping on the female wherever she goes in the house. As a result, it will become still and rigid, growling, snarling, baring teeth, lunging, and nipping toward its mistress. And even bites and scratches her for refusal of its proposal for sex.

This demand, in some cases, can result in a big problem in the house between the man and woman. Because these behaviors of the dog are missing when the man is not around, and the man might not believe the woman’s report against the dog. And for this reason, she will tend to live in constant fear and regret.

Behavior shifted, and aggressive dog with all these unfriendly traits can hinder, especially female visitors to your house. This behavior shift is so because of its attraction toward female figures with the mindset that they will give in to its sexual need since the mistress refuses it. And this will lead up to aggression toward visitors when they also try to prevent it as its mistress does. And these female visitors might not return to revisit the house, because they do not want to be bitten, jumped on, and scratched.

The dog will automatically want to control the house entirely in the absence of its master, and it will be good at making that happen.

Though not all dogs become aggressive and disrespectful due to sex deprivation, other reasons can be a possible cause.

Your dog can become aggressive because it does go out or not frequently taken outside for fresh air. Some dogs will aggressively scratch the walls and couch, break down windows to go out through it and even overturn tables and chairs; leaving marks of their anger and aggression.


As the saying goes, “There is no cloudy smoke without a consuming flame nearby,” so there are reasons why dogs that behave these ways do. And some of these reasons we shall look into to address.

Pampering Dogs


pampered dogs

Pampering your dog has its advantage and disadvantage. There is nothing wrong to give attention and care to one’s dog since it is what they deserve to earn from you as their owner.

Nevertheless, most dog owners tend to spoil their dogs in many ways that it later becomes hard to reverse them. For instance, a lady once had a puppy husky, and it happened that when seated on the couch, she has the dog on her thighs. When in bed, the dog is sleeping beside her, covered in the same blanket. In the kitchen, it was everywhere around her, sometimes even in the bathroom with her. And also, she regularly feeds the puppy husky before she would eat.

Unfortunately, after a few years, when the husky dog was of age, she got married and moved in with it to her husband’s home. Nevertheless, the now-adult husky dog will not let go of its habitual behavior taught him by the lady from the start.

The husky dog then wants to sit on the lady on the couch with her husband, it wants to sleep in bed with them. Moreover, this was no longer fun between the couple that it most times interrupts when they are mating. It wants to be feed first each time; otherwise, its behavior changes. Also, it forces itself into the bathroom after the lady whenever it sees her going in.

Now, when the couple tried to stop this behavior, the husky dog, instead turned aggressive. It would scratch the doors and wall when locked outside the room, and it caused much damages in the house.

But the worse happened when the woman had a baby that jealousy kicked in, whenever it sees the baby carried on the lady’s laps. One evening, the couple seated on the couch with the baby on her laps, watching a TV show. The dog made many attempts to sit on the lady carrying the baby, but the man deprived it that chance. Suddenly, the husky dog jumped on the child and bit a part of its cheek that the couple immediately turned it to the animal shelter.

In this instance, it was no fault of the dog for behaving as it did, but the lady’s because she spoiled it with these behaviors since in its puppyhood. The above instance is like when a father frequently plays with his under-aged children. The children will someday insult him or even curse him as with their mates.

Someone once said that “Whatsoever thing-be it behavior, relationship or support that you think you would not be able to maintain faithfully to the end. Then do not even begin it. Otherwise, you’ll become an evil person in the eyes of those who have approved that behavior or relationship or whatever it be.”

Cruelty To Animals

Another reason that dogs turn aggressive toward their owners is due to the harsh treatment emitted to them, as this brings about depression, and they will become aggressive. Dogs are susceptible to their environment and what comes to them at any given time. So when you maltreat your dog and screams at them, be sure that retaliation one day shall become the experience, regardless of whether you are its owner.

Dog 0wners who spank their dogs, deprive them food and drink, kick, careless about their health and feeling, left them outside in the sun and snow and yell at them at all times. This type of owners shall soon reap the fruit of their actions in aggression either toward them or their guests by their dog.

Furthermore, the act of cruelty is similar to a parent who still yells and beats a 22-year son. Which in this case, the parent’s action toward the young man will stir up aggression to retaliate, which is mostly the case. The son wouldn’t have countered to his father or shown an attack if his father had seen him as still not that little ten years old boy.

The one always mistreated will undoubtedly seek revenge before you know it. Same with dogs here, for one day they’ll bite even their owners for pushing them too hard without regards.

Every living thing, especially domestic animals and humans, long for tender love and attention, and they know when they receive it. Nevertheless, constructive discipline is necessary for their perfection behavior; not a harsh and ruthless approach and still expect obedience from them.

Lack of training of your dog

Dogs are supposed to be trained so to behave appropriately. It’s a misunderstanding if as an owner; you think that dogs should have a natural tendency of behaving correctly in the out, or at least instinctually. In reality, dogs are not aware of all these concepts, and therefore, it’s essential that as an owner, you train your dog. You will have to teach your pet about being quiet and noisy in all the cases.

Owners need to make sure that they do it consistently and regularly, so that the teaching has a tremendous and constructive impact on your pet, without any breaks or gaps.
However, we shall be looking at how to go about this training properly in the next topic on how to end the naughty behaviors.

Genetics Facts

Dog genetics and behavior

Another possible reason for your dog’s naughty behaviors can also go down to the genetics of the dog. It has valid that genetics plays a significant role in the dog’s behavior. It’s possible that because of the parent’s aggressive, loud, and sex-driven nature, even the puppy ends up being the same and grows into an adult with those traits.
Genetics determines how a dog would behave with humans or appear to look. For example, due to genetics, the husky breed ends up having blue eyes, and neither would the Chihuahua dog forsake its size for a bulldog.
So, if the dog’s parents were always jolly and calm, then even the puppies would end up being the same. The puppies may have inherited all the displayed behavior from their parents, and is a possible reason for their bad manners even as full-grown dogs.

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Every Day

Daily gymnastics is another reason a dog’s deeds gears toward good or bad behavior.
I know you might be scratching your forehead at this reason and thinking. How could a lack of exercise be the reason for your dog’s sudden violent behavior? But it has been found that less exercising can harm the dog. Your dog can quickly get frustrated because of this, and the boredom of being idle can also creep in, and it displays ugly behavior.

There are many dog exercise toys for both indoor and outdoor use that you can get for your dog to keep them active and energetic at all times. And that will help a lot in the process of distraction from those unwanted behaviors.
Your dog(s) needs lots of exercise on a daily bases; even walking some distance with them revives them.


Dog’s health

Dog health and behavior

Your dog’s health is very imperative that you pay close attention to at all times. When your dog begins to act unseemly. Then it’s possible it might be developing some health-related issue, which you are less aware of it. The problem can be severe or even minor, but they can’t voice their hurts except through aggression in most cases.

However, till the time the disease or cognitive disorder identified, the dog will keep on behaving differently and even worse in the process of time. For this reason, it is advisable to take your dog for regular checkups, not until they become visibly sick.

Hypothyroidism In Dogs

hypothyroidism in dogs and behavior

Apart from these reasons, other reasons may cause your dog to behave strangely. Such as thyroid glands found in the neck, and it brings hormones that affect the role of many aspects of the body.

Dogs with the issue of thyroid syndrome will experience a small production of the thyroid, and this harms the dog’s behavior. Thyroid cancer may introduce hypothyroidism, which is not very common with dogs. Hypothyroidism crops up in quite average to big dogs.
Hypothyroid dogs mostly encounter ear infections and demonstrate ear soreness, blush, and stink. And dogs battling with hypothyroid can also increase skin diseases which are likely to be scratchy and consequently cause wounds on the dog’s body.

Also, a particular hormonal impact can cause your dog to feel like dominating over others by being aggressive and loud. It may even be something new in your surroundings, which may be affecting their behavior.
Hence, the reasons are many. But what will you do in such situations, as the owner? Indeed, it would be a bit awkward that your dog is barking and showing aggression, and you are not able to bring the case under control.
But here’s the thing. You can bring it under control.


Apart from Health and Hypothyroidism related issues, which are infections that cause your dog to behave strangely. Even genetics facts can be dealt with together with all other reasons mentioned above to bring the dog to submission.


Balancing Pampering Dogs And Cruelty To Animals

As already discussed above pampering and cruelty, it is proper to understand how these two can affect your dog against you if not correctly used.

Do not over pamper your pet to save yourself the pain of later trying to change the behavior that they adopted through your over love for them. Neither should you show cruelty to them so that you don’t end becoming their object of target.

Take good care of your dog and give them the attention they deserve, but do not spoil them in any case, if not for training purposes. Instead, teach the dogs to know their place and position in your house.

On the other hand, if you are angry for some reason, either from work or home. In this case, do not display bitterness on your dog over the slightest wrong before you. However, it is needful that you discipline it off the ground of cruelty in your special way and avoid the danger of retaliation in the future.

Feeding Your Dog Last

If perhaps your dog does eat first before you do, then you must have it fed last each day, while it looks at you eating without him having nothing in front of him to eat. This act immediately sends a clear message to its entire being, pointing out its place in the house.


Avoid It Rushing The Food

Ensure that before handing it its food after you eating, it is calm because it will want to rush to the food even at your hand. You shouldn’t surrender the food until it obeys your command of ‘wait’ or be ‘patient Bobby.’

Don’t give it the food until it becomes calm and patient. Then you can gently put the food down for it to now eat. Give no heed to its frustration when it is not obeying your instruction during this time of attempting to give it food. When it finally heeds to you, you should not forget to flatter it by calling it “good boy or good girl” and repeat this act daily.


Feed Dog Twice Daily

You feeding your dog twice daily, morning and evening will undoubtedly trigger back the respect you deserve.


Dog’s Language

Speaking the language your dog understands, can make an enormous difference in the behavior of your dog. Try to avoid the use of the negation word ‘No’ in all your interactions with it whenever it is making those behavioral advancements toward you. Each time you say or use the word ‘No,’ the dog interprets it as its ‘other name’ because it has heard it many times.

So, in this case, it will continuously repeat those actions wherein it hears ‘No’ frequently, as it is that whenever it does them, only then is “No” voiced to it. And even when ‘No’ is not said, it is going to perform those acts to hear the pleasant word ‘No.’ According to its interpretation of pleasantness merely, because it tends to derive pleasure doing those prohibited acts associated with ‘No.’ As it feels any person can’t stop it.

Instead, reverse the word ‘NO’ you say to it all the time to good boy or good dog and not forgetting to flatter it with some positive body gesture and head action.

For example, you should say, “You know you shouldn’t be doing that (Bobby)? Good boy.” whenever it begins doing those behaviors not appropriate for your liking. And by so doing with a mild tone, it will learn very fast.


Don’t Be Intimidated

It is good to understand the nature of dogs, that when they become aggressive, their entire face becomes stiff and their eyebrows tend to protrude out.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to consider its facial look, focus on what you want it to do then. You should endeavor to use a high pitched voice, for example, instead of saying ‘No,’ rather say ‘ahah.’ This other way of saying ‘no’ will aim at stopping its silly behavior when it’s bent to doing it, and it will heed to you in obedience.


Praise Your Dog

Cultivate the habit of praising your dog for good behavior as you scold it to make him feel valuable and worthy of the praise.



This dog training device can be beneficial for those seeking to change the behavior of their dog immediately. This device, the clicker can be paired up with something the dog would love to see you do to him. The sound clicker can change the entire behavior of your dog for good.

You can pair the device with ‘treats’ or ‘food’ so that each time it hears the sound. It becomes an indicator that serves as a reminder or suggests something delicious and tasty. The noise from the clicker then becomes a sign of reward it gets for being obedient.

Through the use of this device, you can then control your dog to do what you want it to do before serving it with the treat or food.

Also, through the use of this device, you can forever keep your dog from off your bedroom and couch. You can keep it away from the kitchen, whether when you are there or not. You can stop it from standing on its feet with hands on the dining table while you are eating. Or from anywhere and anything you don’t want it to do.

You can only achieve these so long as you pair the sound with a treat or food and your command(s) at the same time. But once he has obeyed your authority, ensure to give him its gift or special meal as a reward for listening to you. And it will do your good pleasure again.


Dog Training Collar

Dog Training Collar is also another device that can drastically change the usual behavior of your dog. The equipment is an entirely waterproof electric collar. Dog trainers and owners cannot do without this device because of its efficiency and uniqueness.

Its training structures will assist any person to tame and successfully train their dog via a sequence of roles. The device functionality also includes vibration vigilance, electrostatic discipline, sound caution, and so on.

Notwithstanding, its remote control design can remote barking to come to a stop, it corrects the issue with your dog running about when in disobedience. It can also be used to immediately call back your dog from going the wrong way or even at home. It can control biting, fighting, and aggression. The remote control distance coverage is 800 meter without obstruction.

Hence, it is an excellent training assistant that you cannot ignore. It’s easy to use as you watch the behavior of your dog change for the best.

This device has three training modes, which are, namely, shock, vibration, and sound. These features work by the push of buttons on the remote. And it is advisable to be careful with the adjustable levels of the vibration and shock mode, which are from 1 to 99. Sparingly try levels gradually to observe the adjustment proper for your dog during the early stage of usage.


Dog Training Collar Fence Containment System

This Dog collar fence system, otherwise known as the ‘pet fencing system’ is categorized as one of the leading trustworthy, cost-effective pet control systems obtainable today. With this device, a hidden wire sends out a safe radio signal. When your dog advances the borderline, the signal triggers the dog’s receiver to put out a caution beep.

However, if your dog persists further and would not listen to the beep, then the system will put out a louder caution beep. And minor static electricity will be discharged at this time until your dog returns and remains within the borderline you have configured. Until then will the harsh sound cease completely.

It is well known that dogs naturally hate correction, let to the idea of it staying within a confined area. However, with this device, they’ll comply to avoid such sharp and piercing repeated sound with statics when they want to act disobediently.


Observe For Stimulus

Dog's behavior and dog barking

You have to analyze and look for the reason that’s disturbing your dog. You might be going out on a walk or stroll on the nearest pavement, with him. And suddenly he may start barking. You have to look for the stimuli which are either frightening or frustrating.

That stimulus may be a person or some other dog that has entered the territory. In such cases, you have to make sure that your dog is tied up. And then, you can take him away from the scene, so that he loses sight of the stimuli, and stops barking.

On the other hand, and this is more effective, the use of Anti Barking Collar. This Anti Barking Training Device will correct the barking problem of your pet both indoors and outdoors in just a few days.

This device senses straight away the juddering in your dog’s throat and the perceptible sound of the bark. The Anti barking collar, then for these reasons, will always correct your pet’s bark each time it barks. This device will also distinguish your dog from any other sounds.

Usually, when this becomes the case, the device fastened on the dog’s neck will release a small amount of harmless spray on your pet. Your dog may not like the idea of the spray on it as it will make it feel uncomfortable. However, the spray will interrupt barking each time the dog feels like yelling because your dog rather focuses on the discomfort from the spray instead of barking.

Another type of anti-barking device is the Anti Barking Dog Repeller. The only difference between these two barking devices is that the anti-barking dog repeller has three functional switches. The first switch is to stop your dog from barking when it emits the sound. The second switch is put to vicious dogs around to flight other than yours. And the third switch flashes light, serving as a light for you in the dark and also for correction purposes.


Dog Reactivity

If your dog continues to jumps on your female visitors, sexually, it still sits on the couch against your wish. Lies down and pees on the bed or do any of the things, which are prohibited by you. Then, in this case, it should be brought to subjection by dragging it in a chain to an isolated room without food or water. And after about 10-20 minutes it should be brought back to the living room.

Nevertheless, each time it repeats such uncalled for behaviors in the house, whether in the presence of visitors or not. Then it is time to take him back to that isolated room for the same number of times. Do this each time it misbehaves, until the process registers in his brain that it’s whenever he does those things that he is isolated. And because he doesn’t enjoy a bit the experience of being alone in the basement or secluded room, it is, therefore, going to put an end to those behaviors quickly.

This method is another effective way to make your dog obey you in all forms, regardless of the amount of aggression and reactivity displays.


Public Training

Aggressive barking dog under training

You can also train your dog on how to behave in public instead of it always barking and trying to break off the leash to attack strangers. And how you can do that is simple. Just like the clicker, you can verbally tell your dog what to do or not with unique words. The dog has to be become familiarized with those words and understands their different purpose when spoken. But you should associate it with a reward too.

For example, you can say “quiet,” “sit,” or even sign language which it understands. However, associate your command with some reward, so that it recognizes that you forbid or approve the act and that you would reward it if it obeys you again and again.



Among all the training devices discussed to treat the behavior of your dog, more attention should be focused on the anti-barking device. It is reasonable to understand that the bark of dogs is natural, and it is their method of communication.

A piece of advice, do not leave the anti-barking device around the neck of your dog always. There should be times you remove the collar from your dog, especially at night time. The reason behind this fact is that you don’t want to turn your dog dumb when it can bark at strangers and thieves that attempt your home. You want your dog to be able to notify you of the danger around through the means of barking by you removing the collar.

We discussed earlier in this article how dogs are protective animals to their owners once they are well behaved. So their ways of resounding their protection over you and your house are mainly through barking and growling at people who look suspicious.

In Conclusion

This article has shown many reasons why your dog can become disobedient. It also has dramatically provided a cure for this shift in behavior, which will benefit both you and your dog in the short run. It is necessary that you don’t slack when you are all set to bring your dog to subjection otherwise if you give up in these processes. Then that will mean a worse experience in behavior.

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